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gVacuum Printerh

Vacuum Printer

Equipment Description

This equipment is a vacuum printing encapsulation system which applies high-vacuum state (100Pa) and screen printing technology to plug TH holes and laser vias in substrate selectively with any kind of paste without void. The loading and unloading of Substrate on small chamber are to be operated manually.
Recently, auto-ink supply function is available(Max 4Kg)



  • 1. The printing system is applicable to large size substrates.
  • 2. High productivity can be achieved with its double chamber construction.
  • 3. The system ensures achievement of void free and stable encapsulation.
  • 4. Highly accurate printing can be realized by its image processing system.
1Panel SizeMax 660×555~Min 455×333mm
2Panel Thickness0.15~10mm
3Printing AreaMax 640×535mm
4Screen mask size700×700~1000×1000mm
5Alignment functionCCD camera (Auto)
6Alignment Accuracy}20µm
7Cycle time45~50 sec.(excluding printing time)
8Vacuum Level100 Pa (adjustable)
9InterfaceTouch Panel (Japanese, Chinese, English)
10UtilityCooling water: 3~7L/min(15~30°C)AAir: 50NL/min.(0.5~0.7MPa).
12Weight7200Kg(+ Vacuum pump)
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