We contribute to our society by supporting the progress of electrical parts industry by using our process technology and material from behind.

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Hole plugging service for Printed Circuit Board

Since the establishment, by our challenging spirits, we have kept developing the most advanced technologies as follows,



To plug(fill) through holes with various pastes in high density buid-up or pad-on-via printed circuit board and planarize(flatten) the surface after plugged

  • Selective hole(via) plugging is possible by using our special screen mask.
  • Void free plugging for small hole (0.1mm)and High aspect(up to 40) is possible by using vacuum printer.
  • Various sized holes can be plugged simultaneously by using vacuum printer.
  • Thin (0.12mm~) to Thick (~6.5mm)board can be planarized by using more than 20 planarizing lines.
  • Chemical etching(for surface copper layer) after hole plugging is effective to preserve copper layer(thickness) inside plugged holes.
  • Any kind of paste(resin~conductive) can be used. We can propose proper paste for your usage.

High aspect TH plugging
£High aspect TH plugging

TH plugging by using conductive paste
£TH plugging by using conductive paste

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gBlind via(laser via)plugging processh


To plug(fill) blind vias with various pastes on the surface of the most advanced buid-up printed circuit board and planarize(flatten).

  • Compared to ordinary copper plating, surface copper layer is much thinner and suitable for fine patterning process.
  • Both of TH and blind via can be plugged simultaneously by using vacuum printer.
  • Any size or high aspect hole or skip via can be filled simultaneously.
  • Any kind of paste is applicable by using our screen printing skills.



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gUnder Coat processh (Surface flatten/ Gap filling process)


Filling resin paste into the gap between patterns flatten the surface like additive process.

Fully Flat surface is so effective for SMT mounting and chip bonding quality that improves all the pattern reliability on board.

Before gUnder Coath
£Before gUnder Coath

After hUnder Coath
£After hUnder Coath

  • Filling gaps and plugging any kind of holes by only 1 squeegee stroke.
  • Step buffing and scrabing process minimize the surface copper reduction.
  • Selective filling is possible by using screen mask.
yTypical applicationz

PCB for Encoder switch
£PCB for Encoder switch

Embedded PCB
£Embedded PCB

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